Sign Painting Party FAQs

How does a sign painting party work?

Each party includes time for painting, food, and gifts.  Parties will begin with painting the signs which will take approximately one hour.  Once everybody is finished with painting, it's time for the parents to take over with food, activities and gifts!  While painters are eating/opening gifts, I will be gluing the signs and getting them ready to go home.

Is the party held at the retail store?

No, we now have a dedicated building for our parties!  It's just around the corner at 22A Dreyer (next to the purple house and where the chamber of commerce used to be).

Is there a minimum age?

We can customize a party for any age, but the suggested minimum age is 5 years old or elementary school age.

Is there a minimum amount of painters per party?

The space can accommodate up to 30 guests.  There is no minimum requirement for the party but there is a smaller fee per guest when more than 6 guests are painting.

How much does a party cost?

There is a $50 rental fee that is nonrefundable PLUS $25 per painter (1-5) or $20 per painter (6+).  The rental fee is due at the time of signing the agreement form to block out the date.  The remainder fee is due 15 days prior to the party.

What is included in the party fees?

All set up and clean up for the party as well as all supplies needed for painting the signs. Tables will be set up based on amount of guests and there will be extra tables available for food, drinks and gifts.

Are there any decorations, plates, cups, etc provided?

No, but you may arrive up to 30 minutes prior to party start time to set up any decorations you'd like.  Events at The Nest can provide decorations for an additional fee but must be notified at booking of event.