Blue Flower
Blue Flower
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Blue Flower

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This high contrast black and bright blue l'il sucker® is a punch of pure flower power. Your favorite beverage will look prettier than ever while surrounded by this l'il suckers® bright blue flower petals. It will be pretty much spill proof as well.
The l'il sucker® original fits beverage cans, beer/soda bottles, tervis tumblers, yeti ramblers up to 30oz, or any other container with up to a 3″ diameter. The l'il sucker® holster fits larger containers from tumblers/ramblers, old school koozies, wine bottles, basically any container up to approx. 4″ in diameter.
The patented l'il sucker® keeps your drink still and secure in a world full of motion. Whether you are blasting down the river in a center console boat, riding trails on your atv, or even experiencing a bit of turbulence on an airplane commute, l'il sucker® keeps your drink firmly planted where you set it down. Just slide it onto your drink from the bottom up, hit the lip take a sip.

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