Snow fun!

food coloring Snow fun snowman

Over the weekend we enjoyed the first major snowfall of 2019. We ended up between 9-10” of snow! My parents ended up with almost 20” and they are just 2 hours away. 

Anyway, my daughter talked me into going out with her and building a snowman or snow-woman in our case. I think I did most of the building as she watched but she did provide the carrot and raisins. 

Once the snow-woman was complete my creative side came out. We couldn’t leave it looking like any other snow creature, it needed COLOR! So we grabbed the food coloring and gave it some much needed color. 

There’s a couple of ways to do this. 1. Just drop the food coloring where you like it or 2. Put into a spray bottle and spray the area. 

We chose to drop it on as we attempted patterns but they didn’t show up as well. Still the main objective was met and we loved our colorful litttle lady! 

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