Summer Routines

Yeah! Summer is here but with it comes new routines. It kind of stresses me out trying to juggle getting my work done at the store, kids being home, finding fun things to do, etc. The past couple of summers were pretty crappy for my kids so I feel like I owe them a good one this year. What that entails, I don’t really know but I’m sure their idea of summer break is not spending every day at the store. 👎🏻

On the flip side, I’m used to having several hours on Mondays and Tuesdays to work plus at least 2 hours Wednesday - Friday before the store opened. Yes, the kids can come with me but how much work is really accomplished when your kids are with you? 

Here’s to finding a happy balance this summer and not getting behind with all the store needs. If you’re in the same boat, how do you adjust? What type of routine do you implement? 

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