Too much juggling

I feel like I need to get this out there but wasn't sure how or the best place to post.  Facebook post would be really long and this might be too but at least people can choose to go to it.

Anyway, I've been a little quiet on social media lately and for multiple reasons.  Mainly I needed to take a little step back and focus on one big project that will then benefit many little projects.  The store had just gotten out of control with stuff everywhere and I couldn't think straight let alone walk through most of it without tripping.  When everything around me is in such disarray then so is my mind and stupid mistakes start happening.  The past couple of weeks had really put me over the edge and the amount of time I spent fixing the mistakes I made was frustrating.  I knew it was time to stop and fix the biggest problem staring me in the face.

The past week has been spent cleaning out every single area in the store.  I've been in purge mode as well as finally feeling like I knew how I wanted to set things up.  When I opened the store 3 1/2 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing (thought I did but faced reality very quickly).  Until January of this year, it's been a constant shuffle game, try this here, move this year, try it over here, etc. then the light bulb went off! 

Things starting coming together and I started putting my systems and processes in place.  A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders but it's been a long few months of putting the rest of the pieces together.  Everything came to a head the past couple of weeks and I didn't and couldn't juggle it all anymore.  It had to come together and the time had to be spent making that happen.

So, I apologize if I didn't get your message answered quick enough, or you've had to wait a little extra longer for an order, and anything else you may have felt I should've done better.  I will be better!  I will be able to juggle the pieces again without feeling overwhelmed every second of the day and feel like I have a little control over my life vs. life completely controlling/dictating every move.

Here's to moving forward!

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